Do it Yourself Loan Modification Q & A

Can you successfully complete a do it yourself loan modification? Why are all these companies charging thousands of dollars to represent homeowners when a loan modification is free? Why do most states now prohibit the charging of fees to negotiate a loan workout? Of course, you want to know that you will have the best chance of getting the help your family needs with a new lower mortgage payment, but what is the best way to get the results you need? Many states have prohibited companies and even attorneys from charging homeowners large, upfront fees for loan modifications. There has been thousands of cases of abuse by predatory companies that took advantage of vulnerable homeowners.

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So what is the best thing for you to do? Let me ask you some easy questions that may help you decide how to get started:

#1: If you had a list of required loan modification forms and had access to get those same forms, couldn't you just use that to apply for help? ANSWER: Of course you could!

#2: Can you follow simple, step by step directions to complete the required forms so that they meet your lender's guidelines for approval to assure the best chance of success? ANSWER: Of course you could!

#3: Would you be able to do simple math, using provided charts, follow easy detailed directions to arrive at your target modified payment so that you knew it was affordable for you as well as met your lenders debt ratio guideline? Can you use a simple software program, input your own income and expenses, and get the figures immediately? ANSWER: Of course you could!

#4: Are you able to use a Document Checklist to make sure you have supplied your lender with everything they need to review your application quickly? ANSWER: Of course you can!

#5: Are you willing to dedicate 3 hours of your time and effort to learn the simple steps in a do it yourself loan modification so you can avoid foreclosure-while saving thousands of dollars? ANSWER: Of course you could!

It's time to get serious about finding a solution to save your home. The new government loan modification program called HAMP has made it easier than ever to get a loan workout. Help is available if you know how to get it, but throwing some paperwork together and hoping for the best is not the answer. Paying thousands of dollars to a loan mod company is a waste of your hard earned and much needed cash.

You can easily learn enough in a few hours to prepare a professional and acceptable do it yourself loan modification application. Take advantage of a software program that actually mimics the federal guidelines, and fine tune your financial statement so that you know you can meet the debt ratio, target payment and disposable income requirements. Can you make the decision to learn and prepare, then contact your lender to get the do it yourself loan modification you need? Of course you can!

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