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People who want to buy a property or dream house to fulfill his/her dream can simply get availed these cheap bridging loans. These loans provide funds to solve your temporary financial hiccups and also used in filling the gap between purchase and sale of property by providing you the requisite amount. These loans provide you quick finances so that you can purchase the property of your own choice.


With this scheme, it is clear that these are for those borrowers who have needed to buy a new property after selling the old one. This means that cheap bridging loans are a short term loan as it does not take much time to sell the old property. So like all short term loans, a bridging loan also attracts higher interest rate. If you are a bad credit holder then also you can avail these loans without any restrictions. No documentation and extensive paperwork is required at the time of application. It has easiest application via online mode which hardly takes your few minutes to get approved with it. The loan amount you can get is around £100000- £400000 with the paying back duration of 1-12 months. You can apply these loans from many methods but the best procedure is to avail online. You only have to fill an online application form with all the required details. You'll get the amount within 24 hours.

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Terms and conditions:

To carry bridging loans you have to meet few terms like you should have:

o Above the age of 18.
o A live and running bank account of 3 months.
o Employed from 6 months with regular income.
o Permanent residential address and citizen of UK too

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